Google Earth Flight Path Visualization

Andrew Sarangan, PhD.
Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor

This program can generate the KML file for simulating the flight path on Google Earth. It allows a pilot to see what the terrain and runway looks like from the air.

Type the route in the following box to generate the kmz file (see instructions below). If you have Google Earth installed, double clicking on the kmz file will show the moving cockpit view. See the youtube examples at the end of this page.

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The route is defined by waypoints separated by ground speeds (in knots).

A waypoint here is a point in 3D space. It requires a ground reference, as well as an altitude. Optionally, a vertical speed can also be specified. If no vertical speed is specified, the flight path will climb/descend at a continuous rate between waypoints. If a vertical speed is specified, the initial climb or descend will be at the specified rate, leveling off as necessary after reaching the specified altitude. If the specified vertical speed is smaller than the value required to reach the next waypoint, it will be ignored, and the minimum required rate will be used.

Waypoints can be specified using one of several keywords followed by a few parameters:

The following are some example routes. Copy and paste these routes into the box above to see how it works.